Pieta (pieta) wrote,


i did write yesterday,
i say what i mean
but I looked up and aol shut down.
chilled yesterday all day reading a few books. John Sallas...Doubling. Interesting and complex abstract philosophy.
researched on web.
Mimetic Skill,wit,action and autocueing ect...
Origins of the Modern Man/3 stages in the Evolution of Culture and Cognition
I want to find the Plotkin book on An evolutionary epistemological approach to the evolution of intellegence. In the evolutionary biology of Intelligence. (1988)

got my new camera today.
yeah, baby. It looks like cash money to me.
god! I sound like a capitalist pig.
I should be shot.
Bein' a good girl tonight.
Hangin' en de casa con mi nina.
Went to y's house and got my headphones, i walk in and there are these two girls from ? below Russia. The beautiful blonde model is a russian jewish immigrant refugee marketing student. She is interested in letting me shoot some photos. She said she had lots of different outfits.
I was thinking nude in the pool.
all work and no play.
gotta play with my cam.
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