Pieta (pieta) wrote,

Boda Mexicana

Worked today. Shot a mexican wedding. Started in the heart of the Mexican ghetto, at the bride's parents house. Somber, I pull up and there is the mariachie band...11-15? playing and the bride and her family, everyone in black or at these traditional they all wear cowboy gear. It was a somewhat unusual service. Everyone speaks spanish no english. The mariache at the church continue on to the reception.
I love their outfits, were marroon and gold embelsihed. There were 3 guitars,5 violins, and 4 trumpets/horns. various singers. I was thinking I could tie this footage in with the boxing.
I drove past the meat packing plants today on the way to the casa. I saw these metal tubes dumping out hunks of raw meat and bones into bins.
It was disgusting. I want to go back and film.
The reception was full of jokes to traditional weddings. The bride smashed the grooms face in the cake. There was a bottle of tequila and whiskey about every six inches on every table.
This particular group reminded me of gypsies somewhat.
Mariachie Bands/Profile Members/Group Leaders
History of Mariachie.
It made me realized how lucky I am. And how these people who work so hard and have so little, have just as rich if not a richer life than any of us.
Viva' Mexico

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