Pieta (pieta) wrote,

aesthetic dimension

To Kant, the aesthetic dimension is the medium in which the senses and the intellect meet. The meditation is accomplished by the imagination, which is the third mental facilty. Moreover, the aesthetic dimension is also the medium in which nature and freedom meet. This twofold meditation is necessitated by the pervasive conflict between the lower and the higher faculties of man generated by the progress of civilization, progress achieved through the subjugation of the sensuous faculties to reason, and through their repressive utilization for socail needs. The philosophical effort to meditate, in the aesthetic dimension, between sensuousness and reason thus appears as an attempt to reconcile the two spheres of the human existence which were torn assunder by a repressive reality principle. The mediating function is performed by the aesthetic faculty, which is akin to sensuousness, pertaining to the senses. Consequently, the aesthetic reconciliation implies strenghtening sensuousness as against the tyranny of reason and, ultimately, even calls for the liberation of sensuousness from the repressive domination of reason." On the basis of Kant's theory, the aesthetic function becomes the central theme of the philosophy of culture, it is used t demonstrte the principles of a non-repressive civilization,in which reason is sensuous and sensuousness rational.
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