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This is so painful for me, or maybe it's the port I drank earlier or the margarita could it be the weed. I want to write everyday like my therapist suggested. I don't want to write for an audience, but yet I am aware, obviously others could read this.
I've been reading Artvamp's and Witchdoctors diary and scanned some various others. My fear would be of analysising my inadequacies and noticing spelling errors. I'm trying to think positive, reading this book on surfism and looking for the good in everyone...can be tiresome but oh so good for me. I am in trouble with the law...nothing serious but i have to take care of a warrent. It always comes down to money.
There seems to be so much sex talk in these journals...i guess in daily life people wanna know? What turns you on?
My last sexual encounter was a few weeks ago I guess, with a female friend. She deliberately got me drunk and one thing led to another. I guess I wanted to check her out. She had been in a serious relationship with a very cute female for the last 6 years and they just broke up. I feel kindof bad cuz it was just a fling for me. I don't have sex with alot of females but now and again. It's very different with each girl. I want both.
Kicking it. does take alot of my energy and i feel like shit was it really worth the time.
Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.
I still feel very empty. I have sex but not intmacy. It's a few years now that I have been alone. It's like living in Siberia.
I hung out in the gallery today...Fine Art and Antiques. Just me and the dealer, I learn so much there, but there is a sickness realated to collecting and possessing objects. I don't want them, but i find the history attached interesting. Enuf gibberish.
Good Night. Pieta
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