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journal entry

Journaling...this is what my therapist wanted me to do months ago. Well, I should have listened to her. I entered many of my nicknames but to no avail, so I picked up the closest mag, National Geographic, scanned and came across "Pieta"
Martyrdom and Sorrow find Poignant expression in Michelangelo's beloved "Pieta," the only statue he ever signed. Mary and the crucified Jesus were carved from a block of Carrara marble when Michaelangelo was in his 20's. Michaelangelo completed the statue around 1500, the statue appeares to be in nearly perfect condition, despite a deranged man's attempt to destroy it, on May 21, 1972. A young Hungarian-born Australian, claiming that he was Jesus Christ, attacked the statue with a hammer. He delivered 15 blows before he was pulled away.
Mary's face suffered a chipped eyelid and broken nose, her shattered left arm was recovered along with dozens of smaller fragments. Restoration was completed in Christmas on 1972.
Today the "Pieta" remains on display in St.Peter's Basilica behind bullet proof glass.
A treasure contained. pieta.
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